A Key to the Land

We have more stories! Canu had an amazing experience that we have to share with you. As you know from the previous post, we visited the Land. In Canu’s words, “We each got the opportunity to feel for those areas of the Land that called to us and see if this place would uphold our community gathering. As others did, I separated myself from the group for a few minutes, and I went to the edge of the lake. I let my awareness spread out over the water and land, feeling the grass, trees, plants, waters, and animal life around us. I felt for a thinning spot, for a portal between the worlds, and opened the well into the underworld, asking that the Dreamer share its vision and help us bring this gathering to the Land. I let my awareness soften and was greeted by the genus loci, the spirit of the land, which arose and extended a warm welcome to us as we explored the land and lakes under it’s oaks and tall pines. After spending a few moments in that sacred embrace, I returned to the group and we shared our impressions that we were welcome here. Three of us were bringing up the rear as we headed towards the front camp and approached the point between the back camp we can use exclusively and the rest of the facilities. Something shiny caught my eye partially buried in the sandy path. At the gateway to our gathering, the land offered up a key…a offer of both access and protection, and an invitation to return to gather.” The rest of us had goosebumps too!