Pre-Registration Open

Registration for Equinox in the Oaks is now closed.

Pre-registration is now open! *YAY!* [Edit: New, easier registration is also available at our Registration Page and we’ve added some day pass options!]

Foremost, THANK YOU for your patience. We’ve been busy trying to get all the pieces of the event in line. Second, we thought it would be best to avoid an additional expense during Yule, so registration and payment are separate.

These are the steps for Pre-Registration

1. Download the “fillable” PDF document using the link below.  (If it opens up in Google Drive’s viewer, look for the downward-pointing arrow in the menu at the top to download and open it before filling it out.)

2. Fill out the document and save it to your device or hard drive. It might be helpful to add your name as part of the document name.

3. Send the document as an email attachment to

You’re done! We’ll send you a confirmation email that we received your pre-registration. Sometime toward late-January, we will invoice you the amount. Speaking of costs, the fee for 4 days is $75. Vendors pay an additional $25. We also appreciate any added support so, if you feel you can offer more, there is a sliding scale of an additional $50. Remember the dates are March 12-15 and the site is about 20 minutes from Deland, FL. We do have limited slots overall (but especially Cabin space) so now is the time to let us know you can join us!

Children are very welcome at EITO. Those who are 13 years or younger do not pay a registration fee. Parents, however, must complete for each child a child registration form that is available at the link below.

EITO Registration.pdf

EITO Child Registration.pdf