Workshop Call

Workshops and Workshops!! If you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal for Equinox in the Oaks, now is the time!! While workshops do not need to focus on the central themes of the event: Honoring the Spirit, Honoring the Land and Honoring Community doing so strengthens the integration of the whole experience. Workshop submissions should contain a brief description about the topic, what will be covered and who can benefit from attendance. Also, note in the description if workshop attendees need to bring any special materials. Please send workshop proposals to Marla at She will send you a receipt email that she received the proposal. The workshop proposals will then be reviewed by the Equinox in the Oaks organizing committee. We will let you know by February 15, 2015, if your workshop proposal has been accepted. We are anticipating 18 to 20 slots for workshops of 55 minutes.